Worker Testimony

“I have been in the fields all my life, I have seen boys become men in the tomato fields, I have seen a great deal. And now I also see that things are better, now we are not treated like dogs – I am grateful to people like you. You are welcome here.”

“… More important than the money, which I need, was the feeling of dignity when my labor – the buckets I harvested – was recognized.”

“In the past, we had to wake our son up at 4 a.m. to get him to a home daycare where he stayed until the daycare provider took him to school. This routine had affected the child’s health. Now, for the first time in the 10 years of my son’s life, my wife and I are able to eat breakfast with him and walk him to school.”

“Now, under the Fair Food Program, things are better and workers’ health is considered to be important.”

“Our dignity is being restored through this program.”

“The work that (the FFP) does makes you feel that you are not so alone in this country. I think many women now have more courage to speak and not remain silent.”

These worker testimonials were gathered by FFSC investigators during the course of routine compliance audits at Participating Growers.

Fair Food: A Win-Win-Win for Buyers, Suppliers and Farmworkers

“The Fair Food Program is a proven model for change in US agriculture and it is done in a manner that is thoughtful and strategic... The Fair Food Program and its combination of worker education, a hotline to report problems and abuse, and complaint and financial auditing assures compliance by growers and those companies who’ve signed the Code of Conduct. It is transparent, and there are market consequences for violations.”

Cheryl Queen, Vice President of Communications, Compass Group USA

“We know it’s the right thing to do, and the impact on cost is nominal. What you get is greater transparency to understanding how your food is produced.”

Matt Rogers, Whole Foods Market

Farmer Jon Esformes: ”There was no question in my mind that bad things were happening in agriculture and on farms, not just my own, but farms across the country – things that I did not know about and had no mechanism to find out about," said Esformes. "This gave me the tool.”

CBS Sunday Morning


Figures updated August, 2019.